Creed 2

"In the ring, you got rules. Outside, you got nothing. Life hits you with all these cheap shots. People like me, we live in the past. You got people that need you now. You got everything to lose, this guy has got nothing to lose." - Rocky Balboa

release year: 2018
genre: boxing drama
viewing setting: home Bluray, 3/30/19

synopsis: After winning the heavyweight championship, Adonis Creed is challenged by an opponent who can beat him emotionally as well as physically: the son of the man who killed his father Apollo.

impressions: It was pretty good. In addition to his boxing, Adonis also has to deal with new responsibilities in his life. As might be expected from a movie in this series, there are two showdowns - the first one, and then the real one after the protagonist gets his head together.

acting: Michael B. Jordan again does a great job as someone with the genetics and the pedigree who has to figure things out if he wants to achieve his potential. Tessa Thompson is his girlfriend, who cares about both his safety and his destiny. Sylvester Stallone is the aged Rocky, who does his best to help and pass on life lessons to someone who's perhaps too young and willful to understand. Real-life boxer Florian Munteanu is the younger Drago, who's lived and trained his whole life to avenge the defeat of his father and doesn't really know anything else. Dolph Lundgren is the elder Drago, who's selfish in that all he cares about is pushing his son to win.

final word: Good, although I think they've done about all that's possible with this series.

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