release year: 2004
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/31/2005

synopsis: A woman falls asleep while missing the last subway train of the night, and finds herself trapped in the subway system with a weird murdering creature.

impressions: This was more of a Saw-type horror movie than a monster movie. In fact, at times the movie didn't seem to know if it wanted to be a monster movie or a weird/slasher movie. It started off strong but finished somewhat less so, mainly due to certain characters' stupidity. Anyone who's seen more than a couple of horror movies can watch this one and groan at the two points where characters have a golden opportunity to put the Creep out of their misery...and fail, and pay for it. I can't stand watching scenes like this. All in all, though, this movie delivers some good suspense and (dare I say it) creeps.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A cute little dog that survives repeated encounters with the monster.

acting: Franka Potente is the woman who learns, the hard way, how to be tough. Vas Blackwood and Paul Rattray are other unfortunates who team up with her to try and survive.

final word: Think of "Saw", set in an underground tunnel system, with a Gollum-like creature doing the stalking and killing.

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