"Mike the janitor at Amberson Hall, and Charlie Gereson. He wanted to measure the bite marks...I guess he got his chance!" - Professor Stanley

release year: 1982
genre: horror
viewing setting: cruise ship 6/1/15 and home DVD, 11/6/08 and home laserdisc, 5/9/1997

synopsis: In five loosely linked segments, a variety of horror stories are told.

impressions: This movie had it all: zombies, drownings, killer roaches, an honest-to-goodness monster, falling comets...not to mention a very young Ed Harris burning up the dance floor. That ought to tell you something right there. The five segments ranged from the inane to the pointless to the funny to the downright creepy; of particular note are the last two. Lessons learned in this horror anthology: don't mess with a fallen meteorite, don't get cocky when you torture people, don't seal yourself in an airtight penthouse if you hate bugs, and absolutely, positively, under no circumstances do NOT mess with a 147-year old crate that growls!

something this movie has that no other movie has: Cockroach eruption from a corpse.

acting: Nothing outstanding, but everyone involved gets the job done. This movie as a whole had a lot of stars in minor roles, and would be a good link for the Kevin Bacon movie game.

final word: Solid, if slightly-dated horror entertainment.

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