Evelyn: “You think it'll come here?”
Hawkins: “Anything might happen.”

release year: 2007
genre: monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 5/29/17

synopsis: A croc is on the loose in a small coastal town in Thailand.

impressions: It really wasn't bad at all. There was human drama mixed in with the croc kills and gore. One thing you need to be aware of: this wasn't a giant/mutated crocodile, more like a normal (if apparently slightly large) one. Nothing genetically-engineered, supernatural, mutated, etc here...just a giant croc who's hungry. There's some beautiful footage of Thailand, and plenty of actors/extras from there too. Minor flaws/inconsitencies here: the croc's size changes (sometime's it's normal sized, other times it's big enough to break a small boat in half)...the croc only seems to stalk certain people, namely good guys and bad guys, to the point where it somehow winds up in their homes (or pools)...mix of CGI and actual croc footage...a guy swimming in a lit pool at night somehow can't see the croc at the bottom...a dog named "Chong"...the croc takes some body parts but leaves others behind...different-strength croc bites that sometimes sever limbs and other times only inflict surface wounds.

body count: 8

acting: Peter Tuinstra is the young owner of the crocodile farm, who just wants to do the right thing. Scott Hazell is his annoying nephew. Sherry Phungprasert is an animal control officer who ends up helping them. Michael Madsen is a hunter who helps.

final word: Killer crocodile movie that's worth watching once, possibly more every once in a while when you've got to scratch that sort of itch.

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