release year: 2000, direct-to-video
genre: cheesy monster
viewing setting: home VHS, 5/14/02

synopsis: Vacationing idiot kids encounter gigantic angry croc.

impressions: Over-the-top annoying characters...a giant croc...a redneck sheriff...a crusty old shark hunter...a poodle that won't die...ancient Egyptian idols (huh?)...a haunted house...croc-egg football...battering-ram croc...vomiting croc...these are but some of the elements that await you in this movie. It's not high art, but it's watchable if you realize that it's not really taking itself seriously.

body count: 10

things to watch for: When the guy they left on the beach goes to vomit over the edge of the pier.

acting: Please. Almost all of these characters were some of the most annoying ever to become croc food.

final word: So bad it's good.

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