Matt: “Somebody has to do something.”
priest: “But why you?”
Matt: “Because I can. Because I'm not afraid.”

release year: 2003
genre: superhero action
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/22/14

synopsis: A blind guy with other senses fights crime in the night.

impressions: This felt somehow flawed. Ben Affleck did a decent job acting, especially for the civilian identity, but the fight scenes were generally fast, dark, and accompanied by loud thrashing music - all of which are huge pet peeves of mine. Daredevil actually kills at one point in the movie, but then doesn’t kill someone - TWO someones - far worse at the end. Also, several characters just openly defy gravity, leaping from high buildings and always managing to catch something and swing to safety. It was almost as if they could fly sometimes. Oh, and there’s this girl who (without any explanation whatsoever) suddenly becomes superninja. And a bad guy who randomly kills people in public (although this could be ascribed to his being insane.) Aside from all this, the movie was fairly entertaining, at one point featuring Daredevil beating up an entire bar full of people. Incidentally, I’ve never bought into the idea that putting a mask over the top of your face will effectively disguise your identity.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Death by airline peanut.

acting: Ben Affleck does a pretty good job. Jennifer Garner is his love interest even though they really never sat down and talked about anything before becoming attracted to each other. Colin Farrell is a ruthless hitman with a special ability. Michael Clarke-Duncan is the master criminal. Jon Favreau is a wisecracking lawyer.

final word: Fair to good, but not great.

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