Day of the Triffids

"How could it happen? How could the world get swallowed up so quickly? It was because we had our eyes closed, even when we could see. And we'd let them get too close."    - Bill Masen

release year: 2009 TV miniseries
genre: sci-fi/horror
viewing setting: home Bluray 10/9/13

synopsis: Two unfortunate things happen at the same time: a solar flare blinds almost everyone on Earth, and man-eating plants get loose.

impressions: This is the most recent adaptation of the classic 1951 novel, and it was pretty good. The dangers (both from the triffids and other humans) seem realistic, so there's plenty of suspense. As always, those humans who don't have the best sense of what's right are more of a problem than the monsters.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A plane crash-landing because everyone on it is suddenly blind.

acting: Dougray Scott is the main guy, a scientist who's an expert on the triffids. Joely Richardson is a reporter who finds herself paired up with him. Eddie Izzard is a slimy bad guy. Jason Priestley is a well-meaning leader-type who doesn't see what's happening around him. Brian Cox is an older scientist and failed father. Vanessa Redgrave is an evil head nun.

final word: Entertaining version of classic sci-fi/horror/survival story.

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