Deadly Species

release year: 2002
genre: horror/action
viewing setting: home DVD, 5/19/03

synopsis: A group of college students, plus professors and assorted crew, head into some jungle island to look for a lost tribe. The only problem is that there's someone in a rubber monster suit running around there killing people.

impressions: Vaguely entertaining, but could have been better. Problems: 1) low and inconsistent production values (some scenes looked like they were shot on home video), 2) not enough blood and gore, 3) not enough attention paid to monster suit/effects, 4) senseless ending. High points: 1) multiple gratuitous nudity shots. Hmm, looks like that's it for the high points.

things to watch for: the closing credits

acting: Actually, several of those involved did well enough to actually catch my interest in their characters. The girl who played the character "Nichelle" had the closest thing to a perfect body that I've seen since the prototype was made in 1980.

final word: Possibly barely worth watching for fans of cheap, cheesy monster flicks.

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