Death Wish 4

bad guy: "I can be very nasty if I want to be."
Paul Kersey: "So can I."

release year: 1987
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray 10/12/19 and home DVD, 10/27/09 and 1/4/07 and 2/9/04

synopsis: Paul Kersey goes to work for a millionaire who wants drugs off the street by any means necessary.

impressions: Finally, this series ceases to be any kind of drama, focusing instead on action. Despite being significantly older than anyone he goes up against, Bronson still outfights, outshoots, and outthinks them. There's also a good twist ending.

OVERALL death toll: 42 (counting dream sequence executions)
innocent death toll: 3
non-Bronson death toll: 9
Bronson death toll: 28 (plus 2 in a dream sequence)
death rate of those who sparked Bronson's rampage: 100% (1/1)

early appearance alert: Danny Trejo! Before he was the knife-throwing assassin in Desperado and the vampiric bartender in From Dusk Till Dawn he was a well-dressed henchman to a drug lord.

early appearance alert: Mitch Pileggi! Before he was FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner in The X-Files, he was a foreman in the fish cannery/drug lab who (unsuccessfully) tries to kick Bronson out.

acting: Bronson is pure action here, very little emotion - he's just there to kill bad guys. The woman in his life this time is rather helpless, both in appearance and actions.

final word: Mindless violence, but still fun to watch.

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