Deep Impact

"Millions were lost, and countless more left homeless. But the waters receded. Cities fall, but they are rebuilt. And heroes die, but they are remembered."    - President Beck

release year: 1998
genre: disaster
viewing setting: home DVD 10/14/14 and theater 5/16/98

synopsis: A huge comet is on a collision course with Earth, and various parties either try to stop it or plan for what will happen if it hits.

impressions: This was about what you'd expect: a display of the general stupidity of the world's sheep, err, people. I have to say, though, it kept rolling along at a good pace. It dealt with the human side of the disaster, not the fantastic side. And remember, you get to see a monstrous tidal wave hit New York.

acting: Tea Leoni was irritating as the irritating reporter; she always looked vaguely worried about something. Morgan Freeman made a strong President. Robert Duvall did a good job as the commander of the comet-destroying space mission. Elijah Wood was the young kid who helped discover the comet.

final word: Worth seeing, if only for the (muchly-hyped and non-secret) comet impact at the end.

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