Diary of the Dead

release year: 2007
genre: zombie horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 5/24/09

synopsis: A bunch of college students drive around in a Winnebago during a zombie epidemic, mostly doing pointless things that allow their numbers to be whittled down.

impressions: I am sick and tired of camcorder-shot movies. It's not so much the method of filming as the universal need, among these types of movies, for the absolute stupidest of characters: someone who has to film everything, no matter what else is going on around them. To be fair, if I'm understanding this movie right, the director is actually making fun of this type of person. Still, that doesn't change the fact that such a character would have been beaten unconscious and left for dead (along with their camera) by any sensible ex-allies. Other character problems: these kids are, for the most part, just dumb. They remain in a hospital that's suspiciously vacant...they never stop to wonder why their friend's mansion is open and deserted...they park their vehicle and just take a break and wander around, setting no guards...in general, while they know that they're in danger every second, they do not be as careful as they should. Other things: the gore isn't as heavy as in other Romero movies, and most of this movie either takes place at night or within buildings where no one ever turns the lights on.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Defibrillator paddles to the head (and resulting eyeball explosion)

acting: Only two of these characters were worthy fighters: the main chick and the professor. The southern girl who could fix vehicles almost qualified, but she had a moment of sudden stupidity late in the film that I can't forgive.

final word: Decent zombie movie, but not one of the more entertaining. I hope that George Romero one day realizes what we really want to see: a group of protagonists who are _all_ smart and sensible and capable, fending off various threats as they try to stay alive.

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