Andrew Dice Clay: The Diceman Cometh

release year: 1989
genre: live comedy show
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/12/05

synopsis: This is a 45-minute show from very early in Andrew Dice Clay's career.

impressions: Entertaining but short. Also, he hadn't yet fine-tuned some of the material that he became famous for. There seemed to be more audience interaction here, as opposed to his later shows. It was somewhat annoying watching him chain-smoke the whole time.

things to watch for: When an audience member gets up and goes to the bathroom.

acting: Despite being young, and offensive to almost everyone, the man has definite stage presence. One of the best parts was when he had the audience ask him questions - it really showed his ability to ad-lib humor.

final word: Early concert, very crude, worth seeing if you like this comedian.

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