release year: 2004
genre: giant monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 5/22/17 and 5/27/13

synopsis: A genetically-modified crocodile escapes, snacks on random people, and gets bigger.

impressions: This was actually fairly well-made and entertaining. The creature didn't look too bad most of the time - it was like a crocodile that ran on two legs. The movie didn't spare the stupid/annoying kid, which was refreshing. At one point, it appeared that the Dinocroc was going to get to raid a beach full of people, but it didn't happen (although it did set up a funny line from a little kid on the beach who watched the monster eat a waterskiier.) A lot of people were stupid in this movie, jumping into the water after being told not to, accidentally knocking themselves out with tranquilizer darts, and so on. During many action scenes, some sort of operatic music was playing in the background. Last but not least, while the dog lady was kind of cute, she was also extremely stupid...I love dogs, but running into harm's way to free them was idiotic and endangered countless human lives. To put it another way: when you free the bait, you might just become the bait.

body count: 10, plus 5 more mentioned but not seen

acting: Costas Mandylor was good (competent plus humorous) as an Australian croc hunter. Charles Napier was all business as the head police officer. The woman who played the animal control officer was birdbrained at times.

final word: Surprisingly-entertaining monster cheese.

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