Magnum Force

"Nothing wrong with shooting, as long as the right people get shot." - Harry Callahan

release year: 1973
genre: police action
viewing setting: home DVD 4/10/19 and 1/22/11 and 2/11/04

synopsis: Killers dressed like cops are assassinating criminals, and Harry gets assigned to the case.

impressions: Like the first, a good cop movie. I didn't think the character of Harry was perfectly consistent between the first movie and this one; he seemed a little more flippant here, treated his partners better, seemed physically tougher, and even got laid. It's interesting that he walks the line to stop the criminals permanently, but when others like him band together and get proactive, Harry feels that he must stop them. I personally think the idea has merit, but with the legal system here, it won't fly. This one has plenty of gunfights and also a car/motorcycle chase which is pretty good.

something this movie has that no other movie has: a gunfight aboard an abandoned aircraft carrier

acting: Clint Eastwood reprises his role as the tough cop who doesn't think the police should go easy on criminals. David Soul is a young officer who gives Harry a run for his money. The guy who played the chief did a good job as the kind of person I wouldn't want to work for.

final word: Good sequel, worth seeing.

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