The Doors

release year: 1991
genre: semi-fictional docudrama
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 9/20/98
what I expected: n/a - seen it before
what I got: a good example of what happens when your life is a constant drug/alcohol trip (even if you're famous and a visionary of sorts)

synopsis: This film portrays Jim Morrison from his days as a young, wayward poet through his glory years with the Doors and finally to his self-induced death at age 27.

impressions: Like I said, this is a vivid example of excess. Nevertheless, you can't deny that Morrison was involved in some radical things, some of which became good songs. My one complaint with this: it was alternatingly quiet (so you had to turn the volume up to hear the words) and LOUD (floor-shaking loud, so that you had to turn it down to save your eardrums.) Oh well. This film did a good job of recapturing the wild 60s rock scene.

acting: This is one of Val Kilmer's best roles ever. He gave a top-notch performance. Everyone else did too, and they shouldn't be forgotten. Meg Ryan made a good (if weak-willed) wife to the weird one.

final word: Somewhat weird, but probably very accurate. Worth seeing!

rating: B-

a more in-depth review: Roger Ebert's review of The Doors

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