Double Impact

release year: 1991
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray, 6/3/13

synopsis: Twin brothers set out to get revenge and reclaim their birthright.

impressions: Ah, here we are...Van Damme's second good movie in four tries. 25 years ago, their parents were murdered and they got split up and went into hiding. One brother grew up to be a tough street punk/gangster, while the other moved to L.A. Now they're reunited in Hong Kong, and let the bad guys beware...their...double impact! Hahahaha. Seriously, this one had a ton of action - fighting, bleeding, killing, gunplay, and stunts. Van Damme (well, one of them, at any rate) only got his ass kicked once, which was probably some kind of record.

asses kicked by Chad (the wimpy Van Damme brother): 10 (including Bolo Yeung)

body count from Chad (the wimpy Van Damme brother): 9 (including Bolo Yeung)

asses kicked by Alex (the tough Van Damme brother): 14 (including Cory Everson)

body count from Alex (the tough Van Damme brother): 14 (including Cory Everson)

non-Van-Damme body count: 11

acting: Jean-Claude Van Damme actually reached out a bit here, playing two very different characters. Geoffrey Lewis is the brothers' protector and mentor. Bolo Yeung (the heavyweight bad guy from Enter the Dragon) is the heavyweight bad guy here. Bodybuilder Cory Everson, the Chyna of her era, is another menacing bad guy (gal).

final word: Good action from Van Damme, one of his best.

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