release year: 1993
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/22/06 and 11/20/1997

synopsis: Vampire lord Dracula makes his way to England and terrorizes a select few there.

impressions: I didn't like it much. First: it didn't much resemble Stoker's book; the writers took creative license and worked changes on the basic plot. Second: Dracula had all these weird powers that were never explained. Third: the movie was often slow. Understand, though, that I do appreciate what the filmmakers were doing here: putting new twists on the same old story. They detailed Dracula's origin and gave him a caring, human side. I just didn't care for the result; it was overly artsy and actually put me to sleep, which almost never happens to me during movie time. I do need to mention, though, that there were some cool special effects, scenery, and music...lots of flashy stuff.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Artsy Dracula in a hat, with a cane, wearing hipster shades and facial hair.

acting: Gary Oldman did a standout job as Dracula. Anthony Hopkins was also quite good as Dr. Van Helsing. I wasn't overly impressed with Keanu Reeves or Winona Ryder though.

final word: A different (and in my opinion, inferior) take on the classic tale.

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