release year: 2003
genre: sci-fi
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/6/07

synopsis: Four friends who share some sort of psychic power must deal with a covert alien invasion.

impressions: While I realize that the typical Stephen King novel is tough to adapt to the big screen, this movie provides clear evidence of the reasons why. After ten minutes, I got the impression that there was a lot of backstory missing from the movie, as if viewers were supposed to have read the book first and just understand the characters and their actions. Before I was able to get too confused, though, this turned into a gory, sudden alien invasion movie, complete with invasion of (and emergence from) human hosts. There was also a government agency, whose lead guy on the ground was a borderline psychopath. It gets going pretty well, but probably could have been better with a bit more plotting work.

something this movie has that no other movie has: An idiot whose need to have a toothpick to chew on - no matter what the circumstances - spells his doom.

acting: Thomas Jane is a quiet main hero guy here. Morgan Freeman is the insane miitary guy, while Tom Sizemore is his second in command. Damian Lewis is the most cerebral of the four friends, and plays two roles actually, as at one point he becomes possessed by an alien. Donnie Wahlberg is unrecognizable as a mentally-impaired adult who has a secret..

final word: This is worth seeing, but I think the most enjoyment will come to those who have read the book first.

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