Empire of Dreams

release year: 2004 (4th disc in Star Wars DVD boxed set)
genre: documentary
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/25/04

synopsis: This documentary details George Lucas' creation of both the Star Wars trilogy and the studios/technology used to make the movies.

impressions: This is a 2.5 hour in-depth "making of" documentary, and it's an absolute must for Star Wars fans. It discusses Lucas' film school days and early movies, the idea behind the first Star Wars movie, every aspect of that movie's creation, and the stories behind the sequels. What stood out for me were two things: 1) Lucas' fierce need to make his movies the way he wants to, and 2) how easy it would have been for Star Wars to be a tremendous flop.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Carrie Fisher talking about how her chest had to be taped so it wouldn't flop around in Star Wars.

acting: n/a, but there are dozens of interviewees from all aspects of the moviemaking process

final word: critical viewing for any fan of these movies, also a good success story

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