End of Days

release year: 1999
genre: apocalyptic Y2K
viewing setting: home VHS, 6/9/00
what I expected: wasn't sure - it had been a long time since I missed one of Arnold's movies in the theater
what I got: nothing special

synopsis: The Devil takes human form and seeks the designated mate with which to copulate and bring forth hell on Earth just in time for the year 2000.

impressions: I really didn't care for it much. The only high points involved Gabriel Byrne as the Devil, because he always did cool stuff. There were a lot of explosions, gunfire, etc but all in all, this was one of those basic plotlines I detest: unstoppable power gets stopped by those much weaker than it. No thank you.

acting: Gabriel Byrne did a good job as THE bad guy.

final word: Worth seeing once, but if you're not an Arnold fan (or a Biblical Apocalypse fan) you may not like it.

rating: C

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