The Equalizer 2

"What you do, what you become is not my concern. the world is full of so-called men like you. And in a perfect world, everything we do comes with a price...but this isn't a perfect world. People do bad things. If you're lucky, you get a set it right. But most of the time, it goes unpunished. This isn't one of those times."   - McCall

release year: 2018
genre: drama/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 2/11/19 and 12/11/18

synopsis: A retired super-operative decides to deal with those who killed his friend.

impressions: More of the same - which is a good thing. That's all I can say...if you liked the first movie, you'll like this. It obviously has new and different bad guys and plot, but it furthers the story that began in the first one.

acting: Denzel Washington returns as Robert McCall, a super-competent ex-agent who now uses his skills to help people in need (and goes on a revenge mission when his good friend is killed.) Melissa Leo is that friend, whose fate was spoiled long before now thanks to the official trailer for this movie. Bill Pullman is her non-agent husband. Pedro Pascal is another agent who's involved in all of this. Orson Bean is an ancient Holocaust survivor looking for a missing part of his life, in a minor subplot.

final word: While not as original as the first one, it's a worthy continuation that does a little to fill in the main character's backstory.

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