Escape From Death Row

release year: 1976
genre: crime drama/action
viewing setting: home VHS, 8/29/98
what I expected: some old prison movie
what I got: average crime buddy/buddy film

synopsis: old mob boss lands in jail, makes a friend, escapes, and seeks revenge

impressions: It was totally average, and totally 70s. It seemed like it was trying to be a buddy-buddy movie, with the aging crimelord and the young, cocky punk. It just didn't work for me, though, and I found myself becoming bored. There were a few decent fistfights, but they didn't make up for the overall slowness of the movie. I want to make a point here, about the packaging: someone spent a good bit of time and effort on the cover of this movie, making it seem more appealing so that people would rent it. I have to wonder if there is a whole squad of people out there, dedicated to this task of making terrible movies look like good movies on the video store shelves.

acting: Unexceptional. I would have expected better from Lee Van Cleef; he must have needed some quick cash.

final word: Not really worth the time.

rating: D+

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