The Evil That Men Do

Rhiana: “What are you going to do?”
Holland: “I’m going to rattle his cage. And when he sticks his neck out, I’ll nail him.”

release year: 1984
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/31/18 and 6/21/14 and 11/10/12 and 12/31/08 and 12/13/03

synopsis: A retired hitman takes on a free job: the assassination of a ruthless torture doctor who has killed or maimed thousands.

impressions: This is a good lower-key Bronson action movie. This movie wastes no time setting up the evil doctor and the hurdles that must be overcome to get him. It moves along pretty fast and has good action scenes. Bronson's job is made more difficult by his having to work with normal people as part of his cover. It should be noted that he uses his brains as well as his lethal skills - he reads lips, makes backup plans in case something goes wrong, and generally stays one step ahead of his enemies. Even when he's being tough, he's got a calm side too - after a hostage dies in his car's trunk during a chase, he eventually gets around to remembering her body: "Let's find a place to bury the woman."

things to watch for: The scene in the bar, where a gigantic Mexican tries to take Bronson's woman.

something this movie has that no other movie has: See "things to watch for"...Bronson's method of dealing with the antagonist is pure efficient ruthlessness.

Bronson kill count: 6 personally, 4 more as result of car chase/crash

acting: Bronson does a great job here, his character really not wanting to take this job but realizing that it needs to be done. The guy who played the Doctor was scary in his methods. The guy who played Max (helper to the good guys) did a good job, as did the woman who posed as Bronson's wife to strengthen his cover.

final word: Good low-key Bronson action.

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