release year: 1981
genre: fantasy/medieval
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 8/10/97
what I expected: n/a - I'd seen it before
what I got: a reminder of why they called them "The Dark Ages"

synopsis: This is a grim, often violent re-telling of the whole King Arthur and the Round Table story.

impressions: I liked it. I've always liked it. It's dark, gloomy, bloody, has good opera-style theme music...if you've got any inkling at all to see how medieval battles were fought, this is where to look.

acting: Nothing stands out moreso than anything else here - the few actors I'm familiar with had beards or grime and were thus unrecognizable. I think a lot of the cast were British.

cameo: Patrick Stewart plays Sir Kay, who figures in Arthur's early years.

final word: Necessary viewing for any fan of King Arthur, medieval times, or dark fantasy in general.

rating: B+

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