release year: 1997
genre: action
viewing setting: theater, 6/28/97
what I expected: an action-packed thrill-ride of a movie
what I got: that, plus a complicated plot

synopsis: A dangerous terrorist is finally brought down, killed in a gun battle. Unfortunately, his brother is still on the loose, and has a bomb set to explode in a major city. Solution: the FBI agent in charge of the case uses radical plastic surgery to take the bad guy's face and infiltrate his organization. Unfortunately, the bad guy is really just in a coma, and he wakes up...and finds that he has no face, but the FBI agent's face is ina nearby tank, just waiting to be put to use...

impressions: Sound complicated? It is! If you can ignore the dubious plot device I've described above, then you'll enjoy this overly violent and stunt-filled action movie. I can, and did. Easily John Woo's best American film so far.

acting: John Travolta and Nichloas Cage both do great jobs here. At times, you can't help but sympathize with the FBI agent's character's plight (whoever's playing him.)

final word: Silly premise, great execution, great entertainment value.

rating: C+

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