Furious 7

Sean: "If you get the guy who did this...what are you going to do?"
Dom: "Words ain't even been invented yet."

release year: 2015
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray 12/31/16

synopsis: The team must deal with a very dangerous person who's hell-bent on revenge.

impressions: This one finally ties the ending of the third movie to the other more recent ones. No heist this time; rather, a super-assassin (who also happens to be the brother of the bad guy from the last movie) decides to get some revenge, and they have to stop him. Oh, and that ends up requiring a stunt or two...snatching a person from a moving caravan on a winding mountain road...stealing a $2+ million car from a high floor of a skyscraper...that sort of thing. The stunts were really over-the-top this time, and included cars parachuting from a cargo plane, a car driving out of one skyscraper and into another, and a prolonged chase through a big city with missile-firing drones and helicopters. Crazy. My usual note about "how can body counts like this get racked up and no one seems to care?" applies for sure here...you don't fly a helicopter through Los Angeles, firing missiles and strafing with machine guns, and not get blown out of the sky by the government. You just don't.

acting: New faces this time...Jason Statham is a bad-ass assassin. Kurt Russell is a wisecracking super-secret government agent. Djimon Mounsou is an African terrorist. Tony Jaa is his rather agile henchman. Ronda Rousey has a brief appearance and one fight, as a bodyguard for an Arabian billionaire. Nathalie Emmanuel is a young British hacker who's developed a super-software program.

final word: Bigger mayhem, bugger stunts, bigger thrills.

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