Ferocious Planet

release year: 2011
genre: science fiction
viewing setting: home DVD 3/3/13

synopsis: An experiment to open viewing windows into other dimensions goes wrong, instead opening a one-way door and sucking some people through.

impressions: Good premise, but limited by the need to get back home (if they can.) This would have been much better as a TV series in which the group was just stuck in this other dimension and had to survive. The CGI was pretty good - the monsters are sort of alien-looking T-rexes that attack anything they see. I got the feeling that the ending was supposed to be more involved and/or surprising, but they ran out of time or money and so didn't show it. Something that was hinted at (the nature of the tower) was never really explained, which frustrated me.

activation point: 15:30 - this is when it becomes graphically apparent that they're not on Earth anymore

body count: 7

acting: Joe Flanigan is the lead soldier guy who takes command. Catherine Walker is an observing scientist who totally geeks out about the other dimension. Dagmar Doring is the Irish scientist who invented this thing and gradually becomes more useful. John Rhys-Davies is an idiotic senator who wanders into his demise.

final word: Surprisingly entertaining, with neat ideas, but didn't live up to their potential.

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