The Finest Hour

release year: 1992
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 5/20/98
what I expected: SEAL action
what I got: the typical SEAL movie attempt

synopsis: Two guys become friends during SEAL training and then go on to live their lives and fight in wars and fight over women

impressions: It wasn't bad, but it suffered from the same problem all SEAL movies suffer from: the moviemakers feel a need to wrap the action around a love story. Aaargh! Regardless, it had some good (and a few unrealistic) training and combat moments.

acting: Nothing either too bad or too good here. Rob Lowe was one of the two main characters.

final word: Okay, but not great. See also Silver Strand, Navy SEALs, and/or G.I. Jane for more SEAL action.

rating: C

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