Fire Down Below

release year: 1997
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: theater, 9/13/97
what I expected: bonecrunching action
what I got: bonecrunching action

synopsis: Deep in the Kentucky backwoods, old coal mines have become the dumping ground of choice for a large chemical company's toxic wastes. Enter a single EPA agent, who will go in with his undercover skills and fighting prowess and unravel the whole operation.

impressions: You know what you're gonna get in a Steven Seagal movie: broken bones, thrown opponents, wrist-locks, and macho badass dialogue. So be it. This one actualy attempted to have a relevant non-action plot, and I guess it worked. However, it also slowed down the action. Still, I was pleased. Lessons learned from this movie: in a gunfight, never take up a position near the toxic waste; if you're the good guy and you tell off the bad guys but don't kill them, be aware that they WILL go after your friends instead. Another thing: this film had a woman locked in a closet with a wooden door. Now, I realize she's not as strong as I am, but the fact remains, a person of average strength can kick down a door. But she was weak. Alas.

acting: I have nothing to say about Seagal, besides that he shouldn't try to do a Southern accent. His ridiculing-the-bad-guys lines were plentiful in this effort. Kris Kristofferson made a pretty cool bad guy, too.

final word: Better than On Deadly Ground which was the same type of pro-environmental film.

rating: B-

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