"Yes, we want you to fly. We want you to fly the greatest warplane ever built."   - Buckholz

release year: 1982
genre: espionage/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 6/23/17 and home DVD, 3/14/10 and home laserdisc 11/14/97

synopsis: The Russians have developed the super-fast, super-stealthy MIG-31 fighter there's only one thing for the U.S. to do: steal it. This isn't as easy as it sounds, especially since the plane's deep within Russia and numerous things go wrong.

impressions: This was somewhat slow for the first hour, but then it really picked up. It had some good flying stunts and effects. It was one of those movies you really had to pay attention to, or else you'd never understand why things were happening.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Plane combat at Mach 5.

acting: Clint Eastwood has a lower-key performance as Mitchell Gant, the best pilot for the job.

final word: Good Cold War-era action movie.

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