First Man

Deke Slayton: "A split-second more, and you would not be-"
Neil Armstrong: "Well, we need to fail. We need to fail down here, so we don't fail up there."

release year: 2018
genre: space exploration drama
viewing setting: home Bluray 4/30/19

synopsis: This is the backstory of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.

impressions: It was good, and accurate, but I would have liked a little more space exploration and a little less drama. However, this was based on a biography and had to remain accurate. It captures the pressures and stresses of being a pilot, being an astronaut, and being in the first manned ship that tried to land on the moon. There was a particularly harrowing sequence at the 45-47 minute mark, when he launches in an earlier mission.

acting: Ryan Gosling shows us a focused, career-driven astronaut. Claire Foy is his wife, who's supportive but needs him to meet her halfway sometimes.

final word: Accurate, but slow at times; good historically-accurate space movie.

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