First Strike (aka Police Story 4)

release year: 1997 (U.S. theatrical release)
genre: action/martial arts/comedy
viewing setting: theater, 1/11/97
what I expected: chop-socky
what I got: chop-socky nonsense

synopsis: An adventurous cop (Jackie Chan) must accomplish a mission for the good of the free world.

impressions: This was more like a spy movie than a martial arts movie. It's like Jackie Chan was trying to be James Bond. Needless to say, this cut down on the action factor. Still, the movie had some great stunts (made better because we knew that he did them himself) and more of a plot than many of his previous movies. A definite trade-off.

acting: Jackie Chan was his usual comedic, acrobatic, ass-kicking self. None of the other cast members were familiar to me.

final word: Entertaining, but Jackie's done better work.

rating: C+

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