Fist of Fury (akaThe Chinese Connection)

"Now you listen to me. I'll only say this once. We are not sick men!"   - Chen

release year: 1972
genre: martial arts action
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/20/16 and home laserdisc 7/16/98

synopsis: After his teacher is killed, a young karate whippersnapper takes it upon himself to beat the truth out of any and all of the teacher's enemies.

impressions: This one had a good bit of action, and only slowed down for short periods of time. It's not, overall, as well-paced as Enter the Dragon nor does it have as much action as Return of the Dragon, but it's no snoozer either. The plot ties into historic events, too - this teacher actually was killed, and several movies have been made out of the events (both real and fictional) that followed.

acting: Pretty good, though it's all dubbed and there are no subtitles. Bruce Lee's role here is fairly simple: he's young, brash, and angry, and he wants revenge.

final word: Worth seeing, it falls into the mid-range of Bruce's (admittedly small selection of) movies.

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