Waiter: "Excuse me, Senor. You are a member of the club?"
Fletch: "No, I'm not, I'm with the Underhills."
Waiter: "They already left, Senor."
Fletch: "It's all right, they'll be back. He went out for his urinalysis."

release year: 1985
genre: comedy/drama
viewing setting: home Bluray 11/20/19 and home DVD, 2/13/02 and laserdisc 7/11/98 and 4/1/97

synopsis: Intrepid, witty reporter Fletch gets caught up in a swindling plot.

impressions: This was really funny, completely due to the verbal wit of Chevy Chase. His sudden and often deadpan joke delivery really worked here. On top of that, this was a genuine murder/crime mystery of sorts and worked on that level too.

things to watch for: Anytime Fletch introduces himself while in disguise.

acting: Various supporting characters do good jobs, but this is utterly Chevy Chase's movie.

final word: Good non-slapstick comedy.

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