Flight of the Living Dead

release year: 2007
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/16/08

synopsis: A bumpy flight releases a cargo that is as secret as it is dangerous.

impressions: Well-made, started off good and got a little silly. Strong points: tons of blood and gore and action. Weak points: unrealistic activity. Last time I checked, the normal human body could not not punch through the floor of a plane. Maybe these zombies weren't possessed of mere normal human strength, I suppose that's possible. Another stupidity: rampant use of firearms in a plane with no ill effects. I mean, come on. For the record, these zombies move fast, so this is more like the recent Dawn of the Dead remake than the classic Romero zombie movies. However, once they get a meal, they tend to ignore other potential meals that walk by or stand there watching, and I'm not sure if zombies really do that (if you know for sure, drop me a line.) My last complaint involves the ending...it would be an understatement to say that things weren't resolved.

something this movie has that no other movie has: a zombie getting sucked into a plane propeller

acting: David Chisum and Richard Tyson are the heroic law-enforcement types. Kevin O'Connor is an annoying prisoner. Kristen Kerr is the flight attendant who gets to survive the longest. Derek Webster is a Tiger Woods clone who likes to carry his golf club everywhere, which comes in handy when the zombies attack. Erick Avari is the head evil scientist on board.

final word: Worth seeing, but it decayed a bit as things played out.

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