Force 10 From Navarone

release year: 1978
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home DVD 3/15/13

synopsis: The two surviving members of the the original mission are called upon to find and assassinate a traitor.

impressions: So that premise was a way to get a mission moving toward enemy territory, and they also hitched a ride with some Americans on a mission of their own, and picked up another random guy along the way. All of that ended up getting the stars together on one plane, which of course crashes and forces them all to do some improvising. The movie had plenty of action and stars, and some plot twists and double-crosses as things gradually move toward the Americans' objective of destroying a big bridge.

acting: Robert Shaw is the head British agent, and Edward Fox is the other British agent who likes explosives. Harrison Ford is the American colonel who's all business. Carl Weathers is a stowaway who gets mixed up in all this. Barbara Bach, Franco Nero, and Richard Kiel are Yugoslav partisans who may or may not be allied with the Nazis.

final word: Pretty good WWII-based action.

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