Foxy Brown

release year: 1974
genre: blaxploitation
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 9/8/98
what I expected: not much
what I got: another uniquely 70s bit

synopsis: Tough girl Foxy Brown declares a one-woman war on the Man's mob, using her brains and beauty more than her gun and fists.

impressions: It was watchable, and very funny at times. I like getting these glimpses into the 1970s, but it's sad to see how far things have fallen sometimes. Anyhow, this movie didn't take itself or its heroine too seriously - she gets beaten up, raped, and so on in the course of her revenge. It wasn't too graphic, and it had some nudity, which in Pam Grier's case is always interesting. The mannerisms of the characters, both black and white, were entertaining and amusing.

acting: Pam Grier turned in a memorable, if not classic, performance here. The people who played the bad guys were all pretty much geeks.

final word: Worth seeing if you like this kind of thing.

rating: C-

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