Freddy vs. Jason

release year: 2003
genre: horror
viewing setting: theater, 8/23/03

synopsis: Dream monster Freddy is losing his real-world power, so he brings in Jason Voorhees to terrorize Elm Street to make the people remember Freddy so he can regain his real-world power...but Jason gets out of hand.

impressions: It's not as stupid as it sounds - a plot like this is needed to explain how/why two horror icons like this would tangle in the first place. Ok, if you've read any of my Nightmare on Elm Street movie reviews, you know that I have little respect for that series. It changes the explanation of Freddy's powers and very existence with every movie. In my opinion, the only plus of those films is the joke-telling power that Freddy possesses while he slices and dices and guts victims. Jason from the Friday the 13th movies, on the other hand...that's a killer I respect. Anyhow, this movie is just about the best battle one could hope for between the two; it's an all-out fight with a lot of funny moments.

confirmed victim bodycount: 19

things to watch for: The dual battles at the end.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Freddy _and_ Jason in the same movie!

acting: Robert Englund hams it up yet again as Freddy. The guy who played Jason was big, had a mean stride, and an even meaner machete. As for the humans...the male leads were just memorable enough to differentiate between, ditto for the female leads plus they all had ample chests to stare at.

final word: Highly entertaining!

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