Friday the 13th

release year: 2009
genre: horror
viewing setting: theater, Friday 2/13/09

synopsis: A murderous maniac roams the woods, destroying anyone who comes anywhere near him.

impressions: It was a worthy remake, filled with blood, guts, scares, humor, and (much to the chagrin of my fiancee) gratuitous nudity. There were plenty of nods to various films in the classic series from the 1980s, and the action and deaths moved along at a good pace. This modern, 2009 Jason was big, strong, and violent - damn near unstoppable. It never occured to any of the victims to try and go toe-to-toe with him, simply to get the hell away. There was a definite stupid moment at the end, involving a wood chipper (hint: when you have a golden opportunity to stuff the big, bad killer into the running wood chipper, it's always best to do so.)

body count: 14 confirmed deaths

something this movie has that no other movie has: a downed waterskier getting run over by a boat

acting: Jared Padalecki is the main guy, who's actually not part of the party crew (he's looking for his sister who went missing in the area a month ago.) Danielle Panabaker is the sympathetic chick who befriends and helps him. Travis Van Winkle is the rich brat. Aaron Yoo and Arlen Escarpeta are both great as comic relief. Derek Mears is the man behind the Jason mask, and he does a good job with the walk and the attitude.

final word: Good remake. I was entertained.

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