Game of Thrones, season 2

"You can’t trust anyone in King’s Landing, they’re all liars. Good liars, bad liars, one or two great liars." - Tyrion Lannister

release year: 2012
genre: TV fantasy/drama
viewing setting: home Bluray 3/2-5/19

synopsis: The battle for the Iron Throne is coming, but its exact combatants have yet to be determined, as alliances shift and key players change their minds, or die.

impressions: While it is basically a soap opera set in medieval times, it's a soap opera with violence and sex and magic and monsters. They're not exactly exploding from the screen, but their presence is stronger in this season than the first. As before, the plot and events are extremely complex, and accordingly, stupid people shouldn't watch this show.

acting: One thing that won't change in any of my season reviews of this show: there's a huge ensemble cast, and I'm not going to talk about all of the characters. Those who stood out the most in season two: Peter Dinklage is the dwarf who gets a lot more serious now, actually taking responsibility for things. Lena Headey is the evil queen who will do anything for her children. Charles Dance is father to both of them, and also the old warlord whose army can turn the tide of the war. Richard Madden is the leader of the most "good" force, and has to make some tough decisions now. Maisie Williams is his youngest sister, who's tough and smart and adapts to some rough situations. Sophie Turner is the older sister, who's so bound by her ideas of how things should be that she keeps making the wrong choices. Emilia Clarke is an exiled noblewoman who may hold the power to change everything. Alfie Allen is a treacherous minor lord who reacts the wrong way to parental pressure. Kit Harington is a bastard son who must face things in the frozen north. There are dozens more, i could go on all day.

final word: Good, if complex, medieval intrigue and mayhem.

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