Game of Thrones, season 7

"They fought together, against their common enemy. Despite their differences, despite their suspicions - together. And we need to do the same if we're going to survive, because the enemy is real. It's always been real." - Jon Snow

release year: 2017
genre: TV fantasy/drama
viewing setting: home Bluray 3/24-29/19

synopsis: This can't be done without spoiling anything; see general notes below.

impressions: More of the same: a medieval soap opera with violence and sex and magic and monsters. Things are coming to a head here - season 8 will be the final season. Moreso than before, major characters who've had separate arcs until now are finally meeting each other and joining together. I've realized that I can't really effectively summarize events of any of these seasons without spoiling things, so I won't try. As always, the plot and events are extremely complex, and accordingly, stupid people shouldn't watch this show.

acting: One thing that won't change in any of my season reviews of this show: there's a huge ensemble cast, and I'm no longer going to talk about any or all of the characters. There are dozens of significant and memorable cast members, and this is one of those shows where you often have to check things on wikipedia after an episode.

notable scenes: Episode 1 features a great revenge scene. Episode 4 has a major battle with dragon involvement. Episode 7 finally brings just about EVERYONE together.

final word: Good, if complex, medieval intrigue and mayhem.

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