release year: 1998 (TV movie)
genre: monster
viewing setting: home TV, 5/29/98
what I expected: a cheap Godzilla rip-off
what I got: your basic cheesy monster movie, with as much focus on the humans as the monsters

synopsis: A tiny island in the Caribbean is visited by several different sizes of monster

impressions: It was fairly hokey in parts. One of my favorites was when the girl and her mom were tossing the beach ball and then the monster caught it and just stood there, grinning. Talk about corny. Well, the baby lizard-monster was fairly bad too. Not as bad as the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi but still fairly bad. A more significant annoyance: the little boy in this movie. He had that wimply scream even worse than Edward Furlong in Terminator 2. One more gripe: there was one human character who (because he directly and indirectly was responsible for much death and destruction) needed to die, but didn't. This is a pet peeve of mine! Oh well. Despite all this, it was passable entertainment, and it had some decent giant-monster-stomping moments.

acting: Okay, except for that shrill-screaming little kid. Aaargh!

final word: worth watching if you like this kind of stuff.

rating: C

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