Ghost Shark

"We don't need to chum. We ARE the chum!"   - sheriff

release year: 2013
genre: monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/10/19

synopsis: A slain shark comes back from the dead with some new abilities, and proceeds to terorrize a small coastal town.

impressions: Another Syfy original, and also one of seven such movies that I got in a DVD pack for like $9.99...what a bargain! This was like mini-Jaws-meets-Pet-Sematary...there's this cave that somehow brings dead things back to life, and this shark somehow swam there from the ocean after having ITS HEAD BLOWN OFF and so it comes back as a ghostly shark that can appear anywhere where there's water. And I mean anywhere...puddles, water pipe, bathtub, cup of water, leaking fire hydrant,'s quite ridiculous. So these teenagers figure out what's going on and must try and figure out how to stop the ghost shark, while the adults don't believe them and also while the ghost shark munches on random people who are in any way involved with water. It was watchable as fun, but of course not as a serious use of an hour and a half.

acting: Mackenzie Rosman is the main girl, and Sloane Coe is her little sister. Dave Davis is the main protagonist kid. Richard Moll puts in an appearance as the drunk lighthouse keeper haunted by the death of his wife years ago.

final word: Entertaining shark cheese.

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