GI Jane

release year: 1997
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: theater, 8/26/97
what I expected: I wasn't really sure
what I got: entertaining, slightly implausible, but well-paced action/drama

synopsis: A prominent female senator, seeking to further her own aims, forces the Navy to accept a female officer into its elite BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training program. Will she make it, and forever change the SEAL program - or will she wash out under the tremendous pressure?

impressions: If nothing else, this film had a lot of good SEAL training moments. No, they weren't all accurate; the script skipped some important parts (namely, all the diving/underwater stuff) and made up others (the instructors do not torture the trainees, and there is no "SEAL/CRT" program!) but yet, this may be the most accurate movie to date in regards to showing how tough the program really is. This movie was also entertaining, with a number of little subplots and tangential goings-on to muddy the waters. You have to be aware that the Navy will never allow female recruits into its SEAL program, though. It just isn't going to happen. Another thing: once a trainee rings the gold bell, signifying voluntary removal from the training program, that is it. There is no going back, no re-admittance, no matter what the circumstances. I just felt that I should point out these inaccuracies.

acting: Demi Moore was good in a tough role. She got the shit beat out of her, literally sometimes, but remained strong as someone who wasn't going to quit. Others...well, the various SEAL instructors seemed realistic enough. As for Anne Bancroft (as the female senator who got all of this started)...she was truly evil. I actually felt like I hated the actress after seeing her role in this movie!

quote: {Lt. O'Neil (Demi Moore) to the Master Chief} "Suck my dick, sir!"

final word: Despite some innaccuracies, this was a remarkable stab at an impossible situation.

rating: C+

note: For other movies containing BUD/S training moments, try Silver Strand or Navy SEALs.

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