Glass Trap

release year: 2005
genre: giant monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD 3/2/13

synopsis: Giant ants are loose in an office building.

impressions: This one was actually pretty well-done. Once you get past the rationalization about why the ants are so big and where they came from (both of which are handled fairly neatly) it's easy to focus on the various people trapped in the building as they have encounters with the ants. Speaking of those ants, they're not gigantic - maybe a foot long - but at least some of their victims die pretty quickly, while others somehow manage to fend them off and survive. The special effects (i.e. the ants) are decently well-done; they sometimes look a little fake but overall they're fine.

activation point: 23:50 - this is when everyone becomes aware, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that there are giant ants on the loose

body count: 11 (2 of them offscreen)

acting: C. Thomas Howell is an easygoing maintenance man who becomes the hero of sorts. Siri Baruc is an office-worker chick who falls for him. Stella Stevens is alternately bitchy and competent as a mean old office boss lady. Brent Huff is a jerk who's there to steal files for money. Martin Kove hams it up as some sort of super-FBI agent who's a total ass.

final word: Fairly entertaining giant-monster movie.

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