Godzilla: King of the Monsters

"We opened Pandora's box. And there's no closing it now."   - Jonah Alan

release year: 2019
genre: sci-fi/fantasy/action
viewing setting: theater 6/1/19

synopsis: Giant monsters start appearing all over the world, which is both a good and bad thing.

impressions: What I liked: worldwide scope of plot, variety of giant monsters, lots of destruction, giant monster battles. What I didn't like: too much rain/darkness obscuring details of said battles, too much human presence. As I stated in my review of Godzilla, the humans and their weapons are pretty much insignificant to creatures that throw each other through skyscrapers. I realize that the human presence is necessary to give the audience some connection, and a means of narration, but...I just have trouble with the idea that humans can have as much influence as they did here. To sum it up, this was a lot like the 2014 movie, with the same pros and cons, and so if you liked that one, you will like this one. I didn't dislike it, it just wasn't...perfect. But then again, what is these days?

acting: Kyle Chandler is the main guy, Vera Farmiga is his kinf-of-stupid ex-wife, Millie Bobby Brown is their kid who ends up playing a critical role in events. Bradley Whitford is a smart-ass scientist. Zhang Ziyi is another scientist. Charles Dance is an eco-terrorist.

final word: A logical continuation of the first one which shares many of the same elements.

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