Godzilla vs Destroyah

scientist: "We've studied oxygen from every aspect, and have succeeded in micro-miniturizing it."
reporter: "And that is micro-oxygen?"
scientist: "Yes."

release year: 1995
genre: Godzilla
viewing setting: home Bluray, 8/7/19

synopsis: Godzilla's overheating, Godzilla Junior has disappeared, and there are monsters growing in the water.

impressions:  This was the seventh and last Godzilla movie of the Heisei, or second, era (1984-1995) and the 22nd overall. Like with all the other Blurays of this chunk of Godzilla greatness, it came in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio and the DVD options for language and subtitle were plentiful. For giant monsters, in addition to Godzilla, we have Godzilla Junior (it's the baby from the last one, except grown up enough to look just like Godzilla, but smaller) and Destroyah, a very poorly-explained monster that is the main foe this time. To be honest, I might have missed those explanations due to dozing off...but I seriously doubt it. Anyway. Other things of note in this one include: Birth Island randomly disappears...Godzilla is all red and overheated...this quote: "Thank you, Doctor. Thank you for your scientist-like optimism. We'll be right back."...a searching report for Little Godzilla...the revelation that Godzilla may destroy the planet when he overheats to the point of exploding...a bit of re-use of footage from the 1954 original...something's in the water...the same perpetually-constipated-looking general who we've seen in the last several...a SWAT team hunting monsters...some Aliens ripping-off...the Super X3 which has the latest cadmium-tipped missiles, cryogenic weapons, and rousing entry music...Godzilla's frozen...Godzilla Junior takes a walk on the beach...an interesting computer projection...all the little monsters join together like Voltron to form a larger one...which flies somehow, and vents gas from its body...generally poor explanations as to the nature of this monster...two ESP girls this time.

Battle begins at the 1:08 mark, and there are three parts. Highlights: Destroyah seems to mutate into more powerful forms quite often...the Super X3 gets the call from the bullpen...Destroyah flies off with Godzilla Junior and then drops him, apparently killing him...Godzilla cries and then gets pissed...Destroyah drags him across the ground...some rough and bloody battle...Destroyah splits up into little Destroyahs for no apparent reason...they're beating Godzilla and then they just disappear with no explanation...Godzilla transfers some life force to Godzilla Junior to bring him back to life...Destroyah (the big version) is mysteriously back...Godzilla is actually melting...then the humans freeze Godzilla and then he kind of melts away and dies...none of this really makes any sense...Godzilla Junior is alive and the heir apparent!

number in Godzilla series: 22

previous Godzilla movie in series: Godzilla vs Space Godzilla

next Godzilla movie in series: Godzilla (1998)

other giant monsters appearing in this one: Godzilla Junior, Destroyah

total giant monster battle time: about 21 minutes, but with a significant amount of intercutting to human goings-on

acting: Main characters: Kenichi, smart kid who figures everything out...Yukari, his pretty reporter sister...Doctor Ijuin, the scientist who's invented micro-oxygen...the aunt, who was actually the heroine in the very first Godzila movie, same actress and everything!...the Super X3 pilot, a stereotypical tough guy...Miki, ESP girl whose powers are weakening...Meru, another ESP girl ("I received training at an ESP school in the USA.") who's played by the same actress who was one of the Cosmos in the two recent films that contained Mothra. And let's not forget the constipated general, who looks worried and in a bit of pain, at all times.

final word: Good special effects, and some connections to the original and also several recent ones...but little to no explanation of plot points makes for a confusing viewing experience.

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