Golgo 13 TV series, collection 4

release year: 2009
genre: animated television action
viewing setting: home Bluray 922-27/19 and 9/4-5/16 and home DVD, 1/28-30/15 and 6/17-19/13

synopsis: In this 13-episode fourth and final volume of the TV series, super-assassin Golgo 13 has various missions.

impressions: This was the fourth of four released volumes collecting the 2008-2009 Japanese television series; it included episodes 39-50. This is good stuff; rather than recap the dozen episodes here, I'll point you to a page that does it better than I could. These are easy to watch, at under a half-hour apiece, and they're also a lot of fun. This collection had episodes 39-50; the highlights for me were episode 40 (in which two rich guys hire another top assassin to duel with Golgo 13), episode 42 (in which Golgo 13 pretends to be hunting in order to get closer to his target), episode 44 (in which the world's richest man tries to push Golgo 13 around), episode 46 (in which Golgo 13 is hired to kill whoever's trying to kill an up-and-coming action movie star), episode 48 (in which Golgo 13 learns that he has a child), and episode 49 (in which Golgo must fight a guy in a heavily-armed suit of battle armor.)

acting: N/A; the English subtitling doesn't always match the spoken English words well.

final word: Very entertaining stuff. Not everyone will like every episode, but everyone will like at least some episodes, and the character is very consistent across the series.

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