Graveyard Shift

"I don't mind telling you...this place is infested."   - Tucker

release year: 1990
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/27/17 and 1/1/07

synopsis: A cleanup of the basement levels of an old textile mill gets messy when people start dying violently.

impressions: This is nothing more (or less) than a slightly quirky, small-budget monster movie. I don't see why so many people slam it - it's not that bad. Sure, some characters are around just to become monster food, and there are a few stupid plot points, but all in all, it was fairly well done. Rats play a big part in the events, along with some gigantic bat-like thing that does most of the dirty work. There are plenty of little humorous lines too, if you're paying attention.

body count: 9 humans, 1 dog, numerous rats

something this movie has that no other movie has: A giant mutated-looking bat that lives in the caves beneath a building and covertly feeds on anyone it finds.

acting: David Andrews is a loner who finds work in the mill and ends up fighting for his life. Stephen Macht is the mill owner, who has a strange accent and disposition. Kelly Wolf is a female worker. Brad Dourif is a half-crazy exterminator.

final word: watchable horror film

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