Halloween 2

release year: 1981
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/31/04 (and 2/5/99)

synopsis: Less than an hour after failing to kill his prey the first time, the Shape (Michael Myers) picks up right where he left off.

impressions: This was fairly entertaining, delivering scares in much the same fashion as the first movie. The murders are a bit more graphic this time, as well as more numerous. We also learn why the Shape is chasing this one teenaged girl. The mask looked a little different (i.e. less scary) this time, but the music and slow, deliberate walk of the killer were retained from the first movie. It must be mentioned that this DVD, although produced by a cheap company, was of high quality as well as being letterboxed - the main reason I own it.

body count: 12 (7 witnessed murders, 2 off-screen murders, plus one non-killer fatality, plus a dual fiery death at the end)

things to watch for: The stalking/chase through the mechanical and storage rooms was fairly spooky.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Needles everywhere! Aside from several arm injections, we get a needle to the temple and a needle to the eye, as well as someone's blood all draining out through an IV tube. Ugh.

acting: Jamie Lee Curtis had less to do and less screen time in this one. Donald Pleasance is good as the frantic, exasperated doctor who tried to prevent this murder spree. Dick Warlock (the guy beneath the mask this time) was a little jerky at times.

final word: This is a worthy sequel with scary music and atmosphere, plenty of pretty nurse victims, and close ties to the first movie.

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